MST121 – Book C1: differentation and Book C2: Integration

Not done anything on MST121 for a while as I’ve been concentrating on MS221 instead. Though this was a good spot to jump back in as the next MS221 topic is calculus as well.

These 2 books were a good reintroduction to calculus. Most of my rusty A-Level knowlege came bubbling back. The basics of how it all hangs together was still there, though some of the identities are going to take a little longer to recommit.

My tutor had recommended that people attended the tutorial for this section (I was away), and I think I can see why. There’s a couple of key points in calculus that always seem to take a while to grasp, and if you’ve not met them before then having someone actually explain them would probably be easier than just reading about them.

There does seem to be a bit of jumping between Functional and Leibniz notation though. I wonder if the 2 books were written by different authors? And the idea of using square brackets to evaluate functions seems to jump from out of nowhere.

Just about started on book 3 (differential equations), but haven’t had time to really sit down with it yet. Too many gigs and photos :). But once I’ve gone through that I’ll try to knock out TMA03 and then back onto MS221 for more of the same.

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