MST121 – TMA03 (Calculus)

TMA’s seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. Caught on the hop with this one as well, oops. Hadn’t spent as much time on this section as I should have due to a couple of reasons, but as a lot of it was A-Level revision then mostly it’s been learning how the OU wants you to do things for the questions.

Questions 1+2 were pretty straightforward. Question 3 looked interesting, but was all Mathcad, why?, didn’t actually learn any new mathematics and I don’t think there was anything in there that couldn’t have been done with paper and pen. 4 took some thinking about to get the rearrangements right. 5 was right up my alley  (mechanics ftw). 6 looked scary, but following the hints in the question (read them, they do help) and spotting the rearrangements made it tricky by straightforward.

Hopefully I’ve done enough to get things right. Thankfully Wolfram-Alpha is very handy for checking integrals and derivatives so you can go through and check you’re in the right ball park.

Now to head back to MS221 land for more of the same.

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