Running log w/c 4/7/2010

Well, back into it properly now. First week with proper runs all the way through it since many months ago.

To make fitting everything in easier, and to avoid the heat I’ve started running to work 3 days a week. From our flat to the centre of Nottingham is only about 1.2 miles, so I’m having to make the runs a bit longer at the moment. So far this just means running a couple of laps of the forest rec before heading up and over mansfield road to drop into the centre. Plus it means running in with a bag on my back which is interesting. But it’s getting me about 3.5 miles in each time

But then saturday came around and I had a quick 5 mile trot around beeston canal and the River Trent (Route 4). Felt good and consistent all the way round, with a bit of energy left in the legs to speed up over the last mile.

This week’s gone pretty well. Even at 7 in the morning the heat is getting to me.

Week total = ~15.5 miles.

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