What does it all mean

What do the numbers mean

Carved/branded telegraph pole in Nottingham’s Mapperly Park. Guessing BT is for British Telecom, but no idea for the rest. Doesn’t seem to be on every telegraph pole, so guessing it must mean it’s some sort of wiring hub?

Trying to play around with film a bit. So in this case the film (Ilford FP4+ 125) was actually pulled to 64 and then developed as normal (Ilford ID11 1:1 for 11 minutes). Quite liking the tones and detail that’s coming out of it.

Canon EOS 3, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4, Ilford FP4+ @64ISO, scanned on Epson V500

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  1. all BT poles are marked with identification maers the letters at top are ownership :-BT PO GPO NTC
    The next line is the length and size in feet 16 to 80 in meters 6 to 15 and size XL extra light L light M medium S stout
    the next line is date of preservation this is when the pole is treated with creosote or tanalith
    this line is wood species and on newer poles the company that treated the pole over the years BT( NTC GPO PO ) have used different types of wood and allocated a letter to them
    in the illustration the I is for inpoted scots pine

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