MS221 – TMA03 – Calculus and series

I’ve really got to change the reminders on my calendar for TMAs. Yet another last minute rush to try and get everything sorted to go in the post tomorrow.

Quite an interesting TMA this time (I might be strange and quite like calculus). Trying to spot the forms to use is quite a good game, and once you’ve got that it’s normally just crunching through the rearranging to complete. Once again Wolfram-Alpha was great for checking answers, though it does seem to have some interesting strategies for calculating derivatives and integrals. In fact some of them look better than what I think is the ‘official’ Open University ways (ie; one question which looks as though we’re meant to use the quotient rule for, they do with a cunning use of the product rule. Something to remember for the future). And there was some sneakyness in the starting rearrangements as well.

Question 2 was a bit of a swine, seemed to be lots of data crunching to try and get all the points needed. The actual sketch was the easy bit :)

Now back to MST121 for some probability/statistics, neither of which are my favourite topics. Section D on MS221 looks good from a quick flick through, Group theory’s something I’ve not done before, and I notice some question about RSA which ties in nicely to work.

And even the mathcad stuff this time wasn’t too bad. Think it took about 20 minutes, which is loads less than other TMAs. w00t.

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