Running log – w/c 26/07/2010

Wednesday, ran route 8 and then into work for 5.37 miles in 48 minutes. Started off feeling a bit shaky, but seemed to get into the ‘groove’ after about a mile

Friday, short one today. Couple of laps around the rec and then up and over mansfield road for 4 miles in 34:44 minutes. Suprised it went that well as I’d been out for curry and beer with some old friend the night before (Cumin is highly recommended by the way).

Saturday, long run along the river, 8.39 miles in 74 minutes. Not quite the route I’d planned as it turns out part of the route at attenbrough is closed for the next 8 weeks.

Overall a pretty good week, nothing’s really hurting at the moment and I seem to be able to keep a reasonably steady pace up throughout the long run.

Weekly total – 17:46 miles, 2:37 hours

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