Running Log – w/c 2/08/2010

Monday – 4.37 miles in 38:46 – Modified Route 2

Wednesday – 6.21 miles in 58:38 – Little modification of Route 7 to arrive at work rather than home. Bit wet, but not too bad. Investing in a cap has paid off nicely. Discovered a problem with iPhone and wet fingers. Might have to consider resurrecting the Nano with it’s physical controls for the wet days. Was surprised it went so well as we’d been to see The Sisters of Mercy in Leamington Spa the night before, so I’d only got about 5.5 hours of sleep, and shoulders and arms were knackered from building pyramids and general jostling.

Friday – 10 miles in 1:36:04 – Pinched this route from Nottingham Harriers. Nice to run somewhere completely different. Couple of hills I wasn’t expecting, and was fun to have to pack an OS map to keep checking the route. Think I’ll do that one again.

Sunday – 3.4 miles in 28 minutes. Took a quick pre breakfast run while away with the family in Hereford. Tried to concentrate on a good pace and foot placement rather than distance. Pretty fast for me, and didn’t feel too bad at the end of it

So that’s a total of 23.98 miles for the week. Not too shabby.

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