Running Log – w/c 9/08/2010

9/8/2010 – 4,4 miles in 37:55 – Modified Route 8 by  finishing straight up Alfreton road to get some hills in.

11/8/2010 – 6.69 miles in 58:19 – Went out for Route 10,  but then diverted down portchester and along the canal, then up maid marian way into work. Felt pretty good, even with all the hills, slowed down a bit on the uphills, but I seem to recovery reasonably quickly at the top.

13/8/2010 – 9 miles – Not a good run. Went out to survery the  middle 8 miles of the Nottingham half marathon course that go through nottingham University and Woolaton Park. The run didn’t really feel right from the start, but by about 3 miles I’d settled down. At 6 miles some heel pain had started coming through, and by 7 miles I’d missed the turning into woolaton park and the heel was really hurting. Managed to walk/run back to the QMC where I decided discretion was the better part of valour and got a taxi home. Reading around the pain seems to fit the classic Plantar fasciitis, so I think I’m going to have a couple of days off running. BTW, this part of the course is a lot hillier than I’d expected

14/09/2010 – 8 miles walking – Not the best recovery, but went for an 8 mile hike up and over kinder scout. Good fun romping through the heather and peat, and scrambling over lumps of rock on the edge

15/8/2010 – 10 miles cycling – first time I’ve been on a bike for about 11 years. We hired a couple of bikes and went around Derwent Reservoirs with some friends (we hired the bikes from the Fairholme centre, and they were crap, but that’s another post). Was a very nice ride through some very pleasant scenery. Unfortunately marred by the naff bikes

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