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I’m one of those people who believe that there isn’t anything that can’t be improved by music. So on long runs I need music, and plenty of it. And if I’ve got to carry a phone as well, then I might as well take my iPhone running with me. But then came the problem of how to carry the iphone while running?

After mucking around for a while with

  • an old iPod armband – never felt like it held it securely or safely
  • then trying to hold the iPhone in my hand – ended up with arm cramp, and it was too vunerable if I fell or it started raining
  • and then in a bum bag (fanny pack for an trans atlantic runners ending up here) – the earphone cables kept getting wrapped around me and it was a pain to skip tracks

I finally came across a Tunebelt when picking up some new shoes from “Up and Running” in Nottingham. It’s a simple sleeve of reasonably thick neoprene with a clear plastic front. The iPhone feels securely snug in the sleeve and I don’t think it’d even fall out if you started doing handstands (sorry, I can’t test that bit, yet). The clear plastic front is so so to see through, but to be honest once it’s on your arm anything is hard to see through and it’s plenty good enough to see how to unlock the phone and hit next to skip a track, There’s no cutouts for the charger port or the volume controls, but you can still thumb the volume through the neoprene, though it might be a bit hit or miss

The armband is nicely adjustable with plenty of velcro. Seems to be plenty left on my arms, and theres an extender kit available as well. It’s always stayed where I’ve put it, and I’ve never needed to adjust it once I’m on the move (and I get pretty damp and slippery while running).

I’ve taken it out in the rain a couple of times and the iPhone always seems to be dry. I’ve not taken it out in torrential rain as I tend to wear a karrimor rain jacket which I’ve modded the pocket (ie; cut a hole) so I can carry the iPhone safely in there.

It cost me £18 which is a pretty good price as far as I can see. Tunebelt claim on their site that it will also fit BlackBerry Bold, Blackberry Curve, BlackBerry Storm, Blackberry Tour, Microsoft Zune, Motorola Droid, Nokia N97, Palm Pre and others, but I can’t confirm that.

So all in all, I think this is about the best option for using the iPhone while running that I’ve seen

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