Running Log – w/c 16/08/2009

Bit lighter this week as I was still trying to rest my heel and hopefully stave off impending Plantar Fasciitis.

17/08 – Swimming – As a change from running I decided to try swimming for the first time in about 20 years (many moons ago I used to swim twice a week with an amateur swimming club and have a tracksuit covered in badges to prove it, but then discovered climbing, Venture Scouts and Canoe polo/marathons instead). The spirit was there, but the technique and fitness certainly aren’t. Could barely manage 2x25m using front crawl. Main problem appears to be with my breathing. So some work to do there.

18/08 – 2.7 miles 30 minutes – decided to go for a short slow run on grass to try and keep the legs turning over. Didn’t feel too bad and no real pain from the heel during the run. Tried to concentrate on forefoot running rather than heel striking.

20/8 – 3.5 miles, 32 minutes – slightly longer run. But still trying to be careful about heel striking.

21/08 – swimming – Tried a slightly more structure approach this time and took a float/pullbouy with me.  Did some drills to practice breathing, kicking and arm pulls. Seemed to make an improvement. Also managed about 8 consecutive lengths using breast stroke. Biggest problem was trying to get the speed matched to the right lane. Not fit enough to keep up repeatedly with the fast lane, faster doing crawl than the breast strokers in the slow lane.

This week I’m going to add some trips to the gym into the mix. Hoping that some time on bike, cross trainer and rowing machine will help to keep cardio up till I can restart running again.

Also reading around I think I’m going to have a good look at my running style. A lot of reading around seems to point that forefoot running (wether through barefooting, POSE, Chi or others) is a better form of running. Seems to make sense from a mechanics point of view.

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