mst121 cma41 done

Possibly what will be my least favourite  topic is finished. For some reason I’ve never really gotten on with Probability or Statistics, they just never make sense to me.

The CMA seemed to take ages to do, even taking into account the fact that I didn’t need to write it up. Spent most of it trying to flick through the 4 books looking for examples close enough to the questions to extrapolate the solutions. I’ll be really happy if I manage to get about 60% on this as it’ll mean somethings sunken in, and hopefully a substitution would mean it wouldn’t affect my overall grade.

Was nice to have an assignment that didn’t involve Mathcad :) OUStats was involved, but that actually seems to be a decent piece of software (and it makes checking 95% confidence intervals pretty simple as well).

I have checked, and it appears to be possible to get a BSc Mathematics from the Open University without taking anymore courses/modules that involve probability or statistice. w00t :).

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  1. Hi just stumbled across your blog via google search for MST121. Just starting the course in Oct (already revising) just wondering kind of hours you put in and what percentage you achieve at the end (I understand you don’t know yet?). Trying to push for 75% myself don’t know how realistic I’m being.


  2. Hi, I think a lot depends on your level when you start, and if you’re doing any other courses at the same time. I did Maths A-level about 16 years ago (got a B), and I’m doing MS221 at the same time as mst121. I’ve mainly been concentrating on MS221, so have only been to one mst121 tutorial. I’ve probably put about 1 hour a week on average into mst121, thought some of this have been in quite big chunks (I’ve had a couple of foreign trips this year and a flight can eat up quite a bit of a course book) rather than spread out properly.

    How are you finding the revision? Have you done the pre course assignment yet? If that’s all been straightforward then 75%+ shouldn’t really be a problem. Have you done any calculus before? That seems to be the bit that trips people up if they’ve not met it before.

  3. I am starting from a B at GCSE, I did As Maths but dropped it half way in because I had a new bland teacher which killed Maths for me at the time. I’ll be starting MS221 in Feb so last few months will be both going on at the same time (which I’ve been told is really no issue). The revision is a bit of a breeze just going over everything even if I am confident on it about halfway through atm. I haven’t started the pre course assignment but will after I’ve gone over the whole revision book I’ve glanced and seems pretty straightforward. As for calculus I’ve only really touched on briefly and done some differential, I plan to hammer the revision on it though (will probably by a book purely on calculus to start reading really early). I’m currently doing around 15 – 20 hours a week, I’ve only just come out of A levels and have a partnership with Lancaster Uni to transferred to there 2nd year Physics in 2012. So that’s why I’m pretty eager to impress fast.

    Thanks for your answer btw and sorry for the essay :x

  4. think that’s the better way to do the 2. I started both in January so I’ve ended up with an assignment every month which gets a bit hectic.

    The course books are pretty good for the calculus stuff. They don’t turn up till the 2nd parcel, but the PDFs are available from your student profile so probably worth having a look through those. I did find myself getting confused because of the slight differences in the way I got taught it at A-Level and the way the OU want you to do it.

    Good luck with it.

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