First batch of Infest Photos

mandro1dde/visionTails compering

Good way to put the morning’s alcohol connected recovery to use,  I’ve done a first pass of last night’s Infest photos. It’s been all change this year with the venue, so the stage is in a different place and is a slight different shape this year, but I like it so far (at least for photos, as I’ve not really watched a band except through a viewfinder yet :))

Going to take me a while to get them all up (2 more nights , and I’m taking film shots as well) so thought I’d start with some work in progress ones.

So in this batch there’s 1 for Mandro1d, 1 for De/Vision and one for the Infest legend that is it’s compere Tails

Right, 2 hours till the next Infest band. But going via the Love Music Hate racism gathering that’s going on behind our hotel

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