Running Log 23/08/2010 – 12/09/2010

Well it’s all still been a bit light on the running front. Did about 20 minutes on a treadmill, and managed 1 run of 3 miles and 1 of 4 miles while staying in Orlando. Running in Orlando was interesting, the humidity is a real killer.

Managed to go swimming a couple of times a week as well. But again in Orlando was restricted to a hotel pool which was a bit small for anything serious but it did keep the shoulders moving.

So the 12th September was the Nottingham half marathon. And as you can see from the above I’d not really trained enough for that. Add to that the fact that we’d only flown back from the states 48 hours beforehand, and I’d over indulged in the whisky  on Friday night, and not had a brilliant nights sleep beforehand it was never going to be a fun day out. Stressed getting to the start as I couldn’t find my good shorts and then got caught up in all the traffic, so ended up running a mile and a half to get there, then having to vault into the starting pen. Felt good as we set off and as the miles passed, but completely blew up at about 8 miles and then ended up slowly run/walking to the finish. Completed with a gun time of 2:30:20. Bit annoyed as I was going well at that point, got overtaken by a mate who did 2:10 and then the pacer for 2:15, though strangely I finished before the 2:30 pacer.

The good news was that with some taping the heel/plantar pain appears to be controlable.

Now I’ve got 4 weeks to try and get fit again so I can put in a decent time at the Leicester Half on 10th October.

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