mst121 tma04

Well, thats all done bar the typsetting in LaTeX.

Bit of a mixed bag this one. Questions 1 and 3 were pretty interesting. I still like the way that they’re using pipelines/populations/matrices, I find it quite logical and nice to work through. Question 3 was a good blast through some calculus, not too hard as long as you spotted the similarities between all the sections.

Question 4 was stats. But didn’t seem too bad, mainly tweaking things in OUStats until the right result popped out. But at least you had to know what you were doing and have some grasp of what the result should be

Question 2 though was a waste of time. hours spent swearing at Mathcad which imparted no further mathematical knowledge whatsoever. I really don’t see the point of this question. This is meant to be a ‘revision’ paper for the MST121 course, so why waste 25% of that paper on what is essentially a test that you can use a piece of obsolete software?

Other than that rant though, I think I’ve made a pretty good stab at it. So now just to latex it, and then to settle down to finish MS221’s TMA04.

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