Running Log – w/c 13/09/2010

So a bit of a recovery week, but also trying to get some good training in for the Leicester half  in 4 weeks.

15/09 – ~3.5 miles – 35 minutes – Did about 3 laps of the forest rec, very hard as my muscles were still hurting from the Nottingham Half.

17/09 – 6.5 miles – 54:28 minutes – Slightly modified Route 6 to extend it to 6.5. Went out in the evening rather than the morning. Did feel different, but think it’ll probably be more use to get used to running later in the day. Felt reasonably hard all the way round, but pretty happy with the pace

19/09 – 5 miles – 41:07 – Slightly shortened version of Route 11 by cutting up the path by Kings Wood nature reserve and down lenton lane to rejoin the canal. Slightly faster pace than Friday, but didn’t feel too bad, though I don’t think I’d have kept it up for too much longer.

Heels and Plantar problems seem to be gone (touch wood). Hopefully I can keep this up for the next 4 weeks. Though a weekend of helping a friend move to Edinburgh next week may interrupt that, unless I pack some running kit for the evening, though I expect it’ll help with upper body strength

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