MST121, all over bar the marking

Well, I submitted MST121 CMA42 last night. So technically I’m all done with mst121 except waiting for the marks to come back. Shouldn’t be too bad as I’ve be averaging >75% on TMAs, and even though CMA42 was a bit of a last minute thought as I’d been concentrating on MS221’s TMA04 I think I’ve probably not done too badly. But as all I really wanted was a pass, that should be plenty.

The TMA covered the entire course and I tried (as revsion for the MS221 exam) to answer it all just using the Handbook, which mostly succeeded apart from some of the stats questions.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the course. There’s been a good range of material covered, and everything seems to be really well presented and written. Having done a Maths A-Level a lot of the course was revision, then some new bits on top, which was good for me as I was doing MS221 at the same time. But I reckon anyone with a decent GCSE could probably work through this course quite happily if they put the hours in.

But no time for slacking off, as I’ve now got 3 weeks to revise for the ms221 exam.

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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your blog today. I have just registered for the OU MST121 ‘Using Mathematics’ course and your experiences should give me a good idea what to expect. I intend to follow this with MS221, but not until next October – I haven’t got the bottle to do them both at once!

    I plan to follow these 2 courses with M208 and then M337 and M381. Assuming I get through the first two unscathed…

  2. Hi,
    Thank you. Glad you’ve enjoyed it, nice to know it’s useful to people thinking about doing the courses.

    I wasn’t planning on doing them together originally, but being and impatient sort, once I’d flicked through MST121 I decided to do MS221 so I could get onto M208 sooner :).

    Starting to get a bit impatient waiting for the marks to be released now though.

    I’ve not thought much past M208, though I reckon M209 might be the next one after that. Then I’ll make a decision on Pure Maths or Physics.

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