Nottingham Running Route 12 – 7 hilly miles around forest fields, sherwood and mapperly

7 mile hilly route around forest fields, sherwood and mapperly in nottingham

A good 7 miles around nottingham, with a sting in the tail. Start off at the corner of hucknall road and mansfield road (by the Grosvenor). Head up Hucknall road and take the 3rd left (Hamilton Road). At the end cross Sherwood rise and head down Alberta Terrace, follow it all the way along as it turns into Gladstone Street, and keep going till it finishes on Radford road. Turn right and head along till you hit the ring road by McDonalds, turn right and follow Valley Road. When you hit Mansfield Road cross over and turn left. Just after the parade of shops turn right up Thackeray’s Lane. At the roundabout head up Wensley Road. This is where the hills start. Follow Wensley Road up and round the corner. You’ll start to drop down towards the end of the road just before you turn right up Somersby Road. This is the steepest part, and it’s pretty steep. When you get to the top and Plains Road turn right and head through Mapperly Top. Just before St Judes church turn right down Lucknow Drive. Follow this along till you get to Magdala Road, then turn right and head downhill till you get back to where you started.

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