MS221 TMA 04 returned

A nice suprise was sat on the mat this morning when I got back from my run, my marked TMA04. That’s a bloody impressive turn around seeing as though the closing date was only wednesday, and I’d only posted it on the Monday. Even more suprising was the fact I got 91%. Really didn’t think I’d done well on this one, I hadn’t even been able to finish the proof on Induction question after spening many hours just trying to sort the algebra out at the end.

That said I quite enjoyed this TMA. Good solid maths questions with no MathCad :)

So based on my current marks I need 70% in the final exam to get a Grade 2. Which is good enough for me, as I’m only really doing this as a learning experience and that’s good enough to get on M208. So I’ve got plenty of revision to get on with, I’ve got a couple of past papers with answers so I think I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks going through those. Missed today’s Day School as I was otherwise engaged, but I’ll make sure I head down to next week’s one to get some extra help.

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