None so blind that won’t see

Yesterday’s run involved a couple of close calls with motorists who’d obviously not put any thought into looking where they were going while operating 1.5 tonnes of metal. Who’d have thought there might be pedestrians on the pavement?

Certainly not the gentleman who pulled out fast across a pavement almost catching me and some other pedestrians. I mean, how hard can it be to spot nearly 6 foot of slightly overweight gentleman pounding along the pavement? And then to make out it’s my fault for being on the pavement?

So there was a slight amount of schadenfreude as I watched a stream of drivers having to turn around at the top of North Sherwood street after they’d driven past the large “Road Ahead Closed” sign. So if they can’t see an 8 foot metal barrier with a bright red 24 sq foot sign on it, why do I expect they’ll see me? But more importantly, if they can’t see that how can the expect to be allowed to drive?

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