Leicester Half Marathon 2010

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(Route and Profile from my Forerunner)

So today was the 2nd attempt to run a half marathon, and the lucky city chosen to host this auspicous event was Leicester. Not too far from Nottingham (28 minutes by train) so seemed like an easy choice.

Getting down wasn’t too bad, we were at Nottingham Station for 7:20 to get the 7:28, in Leicester for 8:10. Then a little faff trying to find the start (The web site claimed it was going to be signposted, erm, nope. Luckily someone in shorts and singlet went past so we shouted and got directions). Wandered up to Victoria park, and luckily decided to join the queue for the toilets before they got stupidly huged. Quick warm up, changed down clothes and handed kit into the bag holders.

Klaxon went off and we were away. Bit crowded at the start so there was a bit of stop/start but soon got through that and headed down into the town centre. Went out the other side and along Belgrave Road and Melton Road, then onto the A607. This was a long steady stretch which seemed to go on for ages but at 6 miles we hit the split for the half and full marathons and the course got a bit more interesting. We came back through a Watermead country park which was a nice change. And then back in along the river, and then through a pretty intricate set of paths throught the city centre and back up to Victoria Park.

Pretty happy with a Gun time of 1:55 and from my forerunner a time of 1:53

Quite a nice half marathon, though some bits were a little badly thought out. There wasn’t really anywhere for family/friends to actually watch runners come through the finishing arch. Quite a few of the roads were only half closed so there was traffic not far away. The different tables for water/energy drink weren’t too obvious (took me 2 water stops to work it out). And on the run back through the city centre there was quite a lot of very sharp turns with bollards lurking just around them, luckily the pack had thinned out by then so I didn’t see anyone actually clobber any of them.

On a personal not I did find the long drag back to the finish hard work, but that’s just my lack of training (See the profile above, pretty sharp).

Most worrying moment of the run was watching a blind gentleman being led by his dog down the middle of the oncoming runners on a narrow park path. Luckily everyone saw him and was filtering to either side giving him plenty of room.

All in all a pretty good morning’s running. So now to try and get a bit faster

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