MS221 Examination – T-1 days and counting

So tomorrow sees me return to an academic exam room for the first time in 15+ years. I’ve gone through past papers and old examples, and most of it seems to have sat in. The Nottingham day school the other weekend was very useful for some last minute examples, and also for some good demonstration of techniques that might not otherwise have been thought of.

I’ve made the notes in the handbook that I think will help most, though I must admit I’ve tried to keep it to the bare minimum. But I have made sure that I know where everything is in there, and have been relying on only that when doing past papers.

Just off in to town now to make sure I’m stocked up on pencils, erasers and a decent ruler.

I’ve booked the whole of tomorrow off work so i can have a nice relaxed start, do another past paper and then stroll comfortably into the exam room.

Hopefully the next MS221 blogpost will be on a happy note.

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