ms221 exam 2010 – The Day after

Well that’s done and dusted now. Held off writing this for a bit, as apparently the same paper is used for all OU exams, and due to some far flung destinations where students are sitting the MS221 paper there’s always a chance someone might get some untoward benefit.

The Nottingham exam was hosted at the Christian Centre on Talbot Street. Quite a nice room, reasonably quiet (just a bit of background traffic noise). As seems to be the way with the OU the event was stewarded by a couple of nice old ladies who made sure we all knew where we were seated and read the rules out to us. During this bit I had a slight panic as I realised I’d left my handbook in my bag on the other side of the room (MS221 allows you to use the module handbook during the exam), but luckily there was enough to reclaim it before the exam proper started.

The exam itself was pretty much the same as the past papers I’d been working through, with much the same style of questions. Section 1 was quite good, the only one I couldn’t answer was the second part of the Integration one. just couldn’t seem to get the subsitution to work properly, so skipped it. Section 2 was a bit trickier. The iteration of functions questions was pretty good, and I think I did well on that. I then went on to start the groups question, this was all going swimmingly (I hope) until it moved onto “composite of functions” where I got lost. So for good measure I made a good stab at the question on conics, so hopefully that’ll help some marks.

Overall I think I’ve passed. That is, I’m pretty confident I’ve got more than 40%. As to any better marks, I’m not sure yet. I’d like to think I’ve got >70% which would fit in nicely with my TMAs. That’s just a pride thing though as I’m just doing this for fun, so as long as I get a good enough mark to keep on taking the modules I want to that will do me.

Making sure all the paperwork was correctly filled in and attached was a bit of a worry. I think this is something that the OU may need to cover in the day schools. there’s nothing worse than having done the exam and then having to worry that if you don’t use the right clip or how to fill in a box may cost you some marks.

I’ll do an overview of my MS221 experience in a bit once I’ve had a couple of days of the Math.

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  1. It’s not too bad. As long as you set yourself decent time limits to make sure you don’t waste time on the questions then it’s pretty straightforward. Noone in my exam group finished early. But there’s no reason to as you can answer as many Section 2 questions as you want, and they’ll award you the marks for the 2 best.

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