Manchester city centre running route

Manchester city centre running route
Manchester city centre running route

Bit of a change of stomping grounds here, but work had sent me up to Manchester on a course. Before I went up I’d not really been able to find any obvious worthwile routes that started in Manchester centre proper but decided I’d still take my running kit up and if nothing better turned up there was a fitness room at the hotel so I’d pound a treadmill.  The first evening I was up I thought I check to see if the reception had any ideas about running routes. And it turns out there’s been a little cooperation between a number of the city centre hotels and the Manchester Up and Running store to lay out the route above, which passes by a large number of major hotels.

It’s a 3.5 mile fairly flat loop around the center. It covers quite a few areas of the city and passes by some reasonably big sites (along water street you’re passing behind coronation street). It’s worth checking the route so that you know the best side of the road to be on as you approach a corner as the roads are pretty major and crossing can be a pain so it’s worth doing in advance. The only other problem I had was that given the early nights I tended to be running about 17:30 so there were lots of moving obstacles to dodge around, thought that did add a certain amount of fun into the equation

The route map above starts/stops by the City Inn where I was staying, and I’ve set the route to miss off the corner at Picadilly gardens as there always seemed to be too many people around to make it fun.

Hopefully I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes or copyright by putting this up but I think it’s a great idea and needs to be promoted and encouraged. (If anyone has any problems, then let me know and I’m sure we can sort something).

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