Running Log – 11/10/2010-31/10/2010

Getting a bit less brilliant at keeping these up to date, so here’s another 3 week catch up

11/10 – 4 miles – route 2 – took a bit of effort to get out after the half marathon and it was quite painful. Think another day of recovery might have been called for.

13/10 – 5.9 miles –canal route

19/10 – 5.6 miles –canal route – well not quite, went out a lot later than usual so didn’t fancy running along the towpath in the wet, so same route but using Castle Boulevard as a safer alternative

20/10 – 5 miles- forest fields, sherwood, mansfield road loop. Not got around to mapping this one out yet.

22/10 – 5.8 miles – canal route

25/10 – 7.2 miles – 2 loops of the Manchester city centre loop – First time I’d tried this route, so was a bit slow and bitty as I tried to avoid people and follow the route around.

27/10 – 7.2 miles – 2 loops of the Manchester city centre loop – Much more fun now I knew where I was going. Whilst most of my running is within Nottingham, dodging around the Manchester pedestrians and cutting through traffic certainly offered a nice new challenge

28/10 – 3.6 miles – 1 loop of Manchester city centre loop

30/10 – 5.8 miles – uni+woolation – Suddenly realised just how big all those hills on the Nottingham Half are while running this short section. Think I’d overdone it a bit the day before with lugging a heavy rucsac around and a late night watching Swans in Leeds. Very nice run with lots of wildlife running around.

Pretty happy that I seem to be able to just head out and do 6 miles at a reasonable pace every time now. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I’ll start pushing back up to 10 miles a go.

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