Adding another sport into the mix

Strange time of the year to start thinking of this sort of thing, but I’m really tempted to get a bike and add some cycling in along with the running.

But not necessarily in the ‘Middle aged man in Lycra’ stylee. I’m not going to be the greatest racing snake in the world (though in my youth I was capable of better than evens on the local club’s 10 mile TT) and the world could probably survive without seeing me in a skinsuit (even I’d avoid mirrors).

These days I think I’m more suited to long distance gentley paced riding. Think more along the lines of touring or Audaxing. The idea of cycling a couple of hundred kilometres is strangely appealing and possibly withing my grasp. As a youth I was quite happy bimbling along on a bike around the lanes of bedfordshire for hours at a time.

So, at the wrong time of year I’m going to start hunting for a bike that fits the following criteria:

  • Road bike, there’s no point trying to lug round the extra weight of an MTB/hybrid. And I like drop bars for comfort
  • Ability to add mudguards. I don’t mind a bit of spray, but a couple of hours worth could be annoying
  • Rack mounts, I want to be able to use it around town for shopping/commuting so the ability to carry some stuff would be great (can you get proper padded camera carrying panniers?)
  • Solidly built, but not too heavy
  • comfortable position but not too upright, I’d like some aero advantage to offset the lack of fitness, but not so much that my lack of flexibility becomes an issue.
  • and in budget for about £750

If I can find all that in budget then I’ve got enough left over for some shoes, SPDS and a helmet.  It would have been lovely to get all this using the Cycle 2 Work scheme, but my employers seem to be having problems getting it all sorted out, and I’d like to beat the VAT increase on 1st Jan if possible.  So the first step is interweb research and trekking around Nottingham’s Cycle shops to see what they offer.

All that said, I am still tempted by a flat out TT bike and having a go at some triathlons……..

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