Mudguard Fail

So with the winter weather coming in I thought I should get some mudguards on the bike. Got them  from Evans when I got the bike.

I got the SKS full mudguards in black. They certainly look the part. Decent solid plastic and all the major fittings are metal, so looks like they’d survive a couple of winters and being stored in the cupboard over the summer.

Only one slight problem. Despite my frame’s MGC (MudGuard Clearance) stickers there no way that you can get these mudguards on with the stock 700×32 ‘knobbly’ cyclo cross tyres. I fettled and tweaked for a good few hours and there’s just no way of getting adequate clearance, the front wheel would spin free but tolerances were so tight that on a bumpy road (and Nottingham’s got lots) it’d soon disappear. Didn’t even bother attempting the rear.

All is not lost though. After riding for a bit on the stock tyres I’m starting to find them quite ‘squirrely’ on the road. They don’t have a continuous central band so you’re constantly bouncing on small knobbly bits of rubber. They seem pretty good in the little mud I’ve tried but they don’t feel too secure on the road. So the upshot is that I’ll be looking for some nice 200×28 or 700×25 road tyres, and that should give me all the clearance I need to get the guards fitted.

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