Strange night on Nottingham canal

As the evening wasn’t conducive to taking the new bike out for a cycle I went for a nice 7 mile run (a modified Route 6) instead.

As usual it was all a bit humrum on the leg down to the canal, dodging pavement cyclists, the 2 person family that manages to block 10 foot of pavement and getting cold waiting at traffic lights

Things started getting a bit wierder once I was on the towpath. Suddenly ahead of me was a large X of red blinking lights (much like coming up behind an X-Wing I’d guess).  Guessing I was coming up behind a safety concious cyclist I wasn’t too worried until it became obvious they were heading for me.  Quickly stepping out of the way it became obvious that it was a safety concious cyclist but with his lights reversed!.

But at least he had lights on. I was shocked at the number of people coming along the towpath without any lights at all. Even in the dark (~17:00 mid November) there were a lot of people on foot using  the towpath who could have done with warning.

And then this morning I see  this in the Nottingham Evening Post –  Missing student’s body found in canal – from the location in the report it appears that I must have run past the spot last night.

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