Could have timed that better

This probably was the wrong time of year to suddenly get keen on cycling.  Despite being dead keen to nip out on the bike, the idea of getting out on the roads for a random ride just isn’t appealing. I could happily do  it if there was a reason for going from A to B, but to just go out to try and clock up some miles on busy roads makes it seem like a bit of a chore. Not quite happy about scooting around the little country lanes when it’s this dark and potentially slippy either.  So I’ll stick to some weekend pootling for the time being.

With that thought I had a nice little trundle out through Nottingham and towards Holme Pierrepont at the weekend. Only had an hour to spare before having to head down to London so decided to ride away from home for 25 minutes and then turn around, leaving a bit spare for tired legs. Traffic was reasonably light through Nottingham and West Bridgford which was nice.  My route throught lady bay was even quieter, except for the rattling from me as they’d taken up the road surface. But then I started throught the fields/nature reserve  behind the water sports centre and everything was lovely and peaceful.  The idea had been to get to Radcliffe On Trent, but the road I’d planned on using from Google maps wasn’t quite the sort of road I was thinking off so I turned round and fought back through nottingham. Managed to get Woodbrough road thouugh, so that’s a bonus.

So a pretty good shakedown for the new tyres. Much faster and more stable than the knobbly cross tryes the bike came with.  Closer to geting the mudguards fitted, though I now need a hacksaw and a small file to finish them off.

Hopefully the next couple of weekends will have some decent weather so I can start builing up some mileage. Need to start getting better as I’ve just joined Audax UK, and this events at Alfreton look mighty tempting for 2011.

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