mst121 and ms221 – still waiting

Still waiting for the results to come back. Certainly seems to be taking a while for  all the marking to be done.  Currently the websites are saying that marks should be available from the 17th December.  Can’t imagine what takes so long. And if you were waiting on those results to decide on what to do next year it’d all be a bit tight to make sure you got onto a course.

And talking of next years course I wish the M208 materials would get released sooner. Website claims to go live on the 20th and hopefully they’ll have the PDF’s of the course materials up then. If not then they’re not dispatching them till the 24th, so given christmas they’ll take ages to turn up. Sad of me, but I was hoping to use some down time over Christmas to flick through the material to see what’s going to slow me up and try to get a bit ahead of the game just in case anything crops up. Also I don’t want to get too rusty on anything from MST121 or MS221

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