M208 – And we’re off

In an early christmas present style some unknown courier dropped off the M208 course materials at work today. Unknown as I didn’t sign for them and since there wasn’t any tracking on the OU site it probably wasn’t DHL or ParcelForcce, so given the ropey location of some couriers relative to Nottingham I’m pretty glad I’m getting all materials delivered to work.

And it’s a fairly chunky package. A quick try on the kitchen scales gives about 6kg all told for 2 DVDs, 9 Audio CDs, a handbook, 23 module books, a specimen exam paper, specimen solutions, 2 TMA submission sheets and a set of regular solids in a white paper band.

That’s the complete course. So, unlike MST121 and MS221, that’s the entire course in one large package. So nothing else to look forward to in may. The only things not included are the study calendar and the Assessment booklet. Apparently both of these will be available on the website from January. That’s a bit late for me, I’d quite like to make sure that I’ve got all the TMA submission dates pencilled into the calendar well in advance just in case there’s any clashes with the rest of real life.

At least there’s an indication in the course booklet of which order the modules are studied, so I can make a start on working through the material. I did find it useful to always be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule on the reading (if not the TMAs) as that way there’s a bit of lee way in case anything crops up.

From a quick look through there appears to be a strong reliance on the materials covered in blocks C+D in MS221. A lot’s covered again in the introductory blocks so that’s good, though I don’t feel too rusty after 2 months off.

So now I’ve something to read while lazing off the veggie christmas dinner on the 25th. Let’s hope I don’t get bought too many other interesting books for christmas.

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