M208 – Introductory block so far

Managed to read through all the Introductory block books for m208 over christmas, and am now going through the exercises (though only got through I1 so far). I find this is the best way for me to study with the OU materials. The first read through means you’ve got an idea of how tricky the material’s going to be, and also means you can concentrate on the text rather than worrying about the exercises. It’s also pretty quick. I read through the books in about 2 days (on and off around other things). So now I can slog through the exercises at my leisure (about 2 days for I1 so far).

So far the material is retreading a lot of ground from MST121 and MS221, though it does it at a lot greater pace. I1 goes over a lot of Function stuff, but then extends with some tougher function sketching and introducing hyperbolic functions. This is what’s taking the time as I’m trying to do it properly, so even if I can make a pretty good stab at what f(x)=2cos(x)-x should look like, I’m still going through all the official steps. Should come in handy for the TMA, as it’s a quick way to pick up some extra points.

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