Starting another revolution

So it’s the start of another solar revolution, so time to think about what to achieve over the next 12 months.

Think this is going to be the main focus for the year. Didn’t really achieve much over christmas with the weather, illness and lots of travel. Though I did see 2010 out with a 48 mile trundle round Nottinghamshire yesterday. So to encourage myself to get some decent mileages in I’ve sent of a couple of Audax entry forms. So my first goal is the 100k “Rutland and Beyond” one from Leicester in February (route plot here. Quite fun sitting down stamping SAEs and writing cheques (thought finding my cheque book wasn’t quite so much fun). In fact so much fun I seem to also have entered 2 starting from Alfreton (100k and 200k).
Plus I’m going to go and check the car’s mileage, and record all my cycling mileage. Hopefully I can get a decent ratio between the 2.

Going to try and keep this up along with the cycling, though with the niggley pains I went through last year I don’t think I’m going to try to push for anything longer or faster than last year. Though saying that a sub 1:45 half or sub 45 10k would be quite nice ;)

Just keep on ploughing through the OU stuff. Really keen to try and get distinctions on as much stuff as I can after seeing that I managed in on MS221. I’d originally thought “I’ll just do it for the knowledge”, but now a little element of pride is starting to creep in ;)

Just to keep on snapping. Pretty happy with 2010 on that score. Been asked to provide photos for various magazine articles, BBC website and been asked to take baby photos for some friends. So some people like what I’m doing :).

Oh, and somewhere in amongst all that lot; recertify as RHCE, qualify as OCP and help plan a wedding to a beautiful young lady.

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