Lincoln to Nottingham on a bike

quiet country bike route from Lincoln to Nottingham

So not the most adventurous of cycle treks, but I fancied something with a little more purpose than just riding around Nottingham. So the idea was born to get the train over to Lincoln from Nottingham and then cycle back. Unfortunately the 2010 winter weather has meant it’s taken a couple of weeks to get round to it. But eventually went out and did it on Monday, taking advantage of the postponed bank holiday.

Was a pretty good run. Only downsides were my saddlepack breaking on the way to the station (repaired with cable ties, and soon to be on it’s way back to wiggle) and the cold which gradually seeped into my bones. Before any more long rides I really need to buy some overshoes to stop my feet freezing. A slight downside as well was a lack of cafes on the routes, many a spot would have been hit by a large hot coffee :).

Other than that it’s a pretty flat 48 mile route with almost no main road riding once you’re out of Lincoln. Some of the lanes even have a little grass down the middle. Road surfaces varied from really good down to a bit rought, but my tender novice behind didn’t seem to have any problems on 25s. Found a couple of nice little places to sit down and eat a mars bar, though there does seem to be a trend of removing the benches from village bus shelters, so it’s hard to get out of the wind. Roads were all very quiet, in fact between Lincoln and Newark I think I saw mores horses and riders than cars.

Definitely noticed the hills as I rode back from the station to home. Definitely something to watch out for. Now a bit happier that given another couple of rides like that I should make it round the “Rutland and Beyond” ride in a couple of weeks. Need to keep an eye on my pacing though, started off strong from Lincoln and really noticed it towards the end, so maybe more of a steady effort

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