Nottingham to Cromford by bike (and back again)

So decided to try and push the ride a little bit this week. Though I’d try north of the city for a change and head for the Peak District, or at least the edge of it.

Nottingham to Cromford route profile
Nottingham to Cromford route profile

So that turned out to be just shy of 80km of reasonably hilly riding along a nice mix of roads. The route out of Nottingham was pretty good without too much main road usage. The rest of the ride was either reasonably quiet B roads or unclassified lanes. Traffic was reasonably well behaved as well. The only idiot was the woman who shot past at a great rate of knots and then cut straight back in to park at church. Either desperate to pray for forgiveness for almost hitting a cyclist, or cyclists don’t feature too highly in their version?

The hills weren’t quite as bad as I was expecting. I had to stop a couple of times for a quick breather, but I didn’t walk any of them. I did have 2 dodgy moments though, 1 as I was crawling round a tight uphill corner when I caught my front mudguard with my foot and ripped it off the mountings, luckily cable ties to the rescue again. And then on the way home I wandered into the gully at the side of the road, lost traction and toppled slowly over, managing to unclip the wrong foot and hitting the tarmac.

Stopped for a cream tea at Cromford mills. Seemed to do the trick as the ride back took about 30 minutes less than the ride out. Sounds like an excuse for more cream teas.

All in all, pretty happy with that. Still impressed that I managed 900m of climbing and wasn’t completely dead

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