By eck, it were windy

So another nice long trundle on the bike on sunday, Nottingham – Newark – Belvoir – Nottingham:

Twas a bit windy. Was ever so happy with having got to Newark in about an hour, unfortunately that also coincided with turning back into the wind, so the rest of the ride wasn’t quite so fast. And there was me thinking that I’d improved :). Did mean I spent a bit of the time slogging back into the wind thinking about ways of measuring ‘airspeed’ for a cyclist. With than and some ANT kit I reckon you could probably use a fancy garmin to work out if you were were assisted or retarded around the different parts of the route, but that’s probably taking the numbers game a little too seriously.

The huge side winds weren’t particularly fun either. Constantly steering/leaning into the wind gave me an insight into what riding a trike must be like. And the gusts that always turned up on a good downhill were worrying, I don’t particulalry like going sideways at >30mph :(

Worked out as about 62 miles total distance with about 4.5 hours in the saddle.

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