Rutland and Beyond – planning

Slightly suprised to get home from a ride yesterday to find a letter for me that I appeared to have sent myself. Then I remembered the SAEs I’d sent off for Audax entries. Turns out it was confirmation of entry, and the route sheet for the Rutland and Beyond 100km Audax starting in Leicester.

So while working through a hangover this morning (first of 2011, so I’m getting better) I decided to plot it out on the computer and also on my trusty 4″ to the mile road atlas. After some double checking I’ve come up with this:

Which seems to make sense, and I’m pretty sure it passes all the manned controls. Not sure about the Info control, but I’ll work that out on the day. I’ll photocopy the relevant map pages and then mark the route on them for the actual day. If I’m feeling particularly keen I’ll even laminate them.

The profile doesn’t look too scary either:

Rutland and Beyond route profile

Still a couple of weeks to go, so hopefully the training will keep going to schedule

GPX file is here

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