Further adventures with M208

Busily spending lunch times working through GTA1. Finally got to the end of it today. The 2 dimensional symmetry stuff was pretty easy going, the group theory had it’s moments, and the 3-dimensional symmetry in section 5 took some thinking about but was reasonably short and straightforward.  The group theorems/proofs took some thinking about, but did introduce some sneaky techniques that I think I’ll squirrel away for future reference.

I did like the start of Section 5 where it said – “We shall mainly consider bounded non-planar figures with polygonal faces”, sounds like ‘not in kansas anymore toto’. And hopefully we’ll do more on the topic later on.

TMA01 is completed (both parts), but I’m glad I held off submitting part 1 early. Had the first M208 tutorial last night, and the tutor was really emphasising how critical the marking scheme for M208 is towards using the correct language and methods. So I’ve been back through part 1 today adding in a few extra notes and spelling out reasoning. But it does show one of the major step ups from MST121 and MS221. I think it’s up to scratch now, so I’lll sketch the graphs into the blank spots I’ve left and then get part 1 posted off tomorrow or Monday.

Tutorial last night was quite different from the MS221 ones last year. Didn’t get through as many example TMA questions as usual (normally the MS221 tutor would do an entire TMA in an evening), but there was more discussion about the maths and how it related to other problems. Plus being the first night there was some housekeeping and late arrivals taking up time as well.  Fewer people than MS221, though the tutor did say his group was actually 30 people, so might have been down due to the late notice of the tutorial (<1 week for me).

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