It’s getting lighter

Thanks to the ever increasing amount of light left after I’ve finished my daily slave over a PC I made it out for a decent ride straight after work last night. Nothing hugely flash, but a midweek 22 miles is more than I’ve done for 18 years so that’s good going. But just a couple of points I need to remember:

  • Get ready faster. Took about 20 minutes to faff around from desk to cocking a leg over the bike. What was I doing?
  • Don’t assume because I’m not heading far out of Nottingham that I know where I’m going and forget a map
  • Turning right onto a major road at peak time is a lot harder on a bike than in a car
  • George’s lane is a lot steeper in person than any map tells you
  • The road surface on Mapperly top is atrocious!!!!

But other than that it was a great stress reliever, so here’s hoping I can get a few more in. Times like this I wish we didn’t live so close to work, otherwise I could disguise this as a long commute :).

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