Nottingham – Southwell cycling loop

Quick little loop to the North East of Nottingham, from Mapperly Top to Lambley to Lowdham to Bleasley to Southwell to Calverton and back to Mapperly Top

Mapperly - Lowdham - Southwell route profile
Mapperly - Lowdham - Southwell route profile

This works out at about 30 miles with a couple of good climbs, and a couple of fast descents as payback as well. Mostly quietish roads, the only main road is the A612 which is wide enough to keep a bit of elbow room. The drop down spring lane into Lambley is a nice way to start. There’s a long steady climb up out of Southwell which ends up in good fast descent into Oxton. The only real sting is the climb up George’s Lane from Calverton to Dorketts head, starts off gentleish but rears up around the corners (though that’s according to an overweight/underfit me, ymmv).

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