Bloody weather and bikes

One of those is meant more than metaphorically. Finished work at half 3 last thursday to be greated with one of the nicest sunniest evenings Nottingham’s seen since Decemeber. Happily I’d taken the bike into work so a quick change into the lycra and I was off up the hill out of Nottingham city centre. Turning right onto Forest Road I spotted a gap in traffic and push off. There’s a bang and I find myself hitting the handlebars, quickly recover the wobble and manage to freewheel over to the kerb on the other side. Looking down and back I can see that my chain’s no longer one continuous loop. Arggghhhh.

Luckily I wasn’t far from home, so managed to scoot it back. Could have been worse and happened at the far point of the course.


Snapped Chain

Apologies for the lame iPhone infrared filter, but it shows up the damage better (not quite keen enough to drag out the DSLR for this one.) It looks like the chains twisted and ripped a pin out through an external plate. That’s not the quick link (it’s a KMC chain btw) as that’s a couple of links futher along. I wasn’t in a cross qear so don’t think that was why it went. I had noticed earlier during the week when fettling mudguards that the pie/dork plate on the rear wheel was rubbing, so I’m hoping it’s something to do with that rather than lack of maintenance, though it might be nice to think that my leg muscles are manly enough to snap chains?

So that was Thursday’s fun out of the window. And due to heading up to york for the Jorvik weekend I didn’t get a chance to fix it on Friday. So a quick dash around York scored me a new chain courtesy of York’s Cycleworks. Got home today to refit it and head out for a ride when the heavens opened. So I took that as a sign and got on with finally getting the SKS mudguards fitted in a decent style having invested in a proper mudguard fitting tool, one of Aldi’s finest Dremmel copies. Only a couple of burnt fingertips and they now look rather spiffing.

All this does mean I’m a little down on the mileage I wanted to get in before the double header of the Three Fields and Roses to Wrags audaxes in a couple of weeks. Oh well, see how Three Fields goes and then make a decicion on Roses to wrags.

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