M208 TMA01 done and sent

So that’s the second half of TMA01 in the post. Almost as stressful as doing the work is getting the certificate of posting these days.

enjoyed this TMA, lots of different material covered and it really felt like a good step change from MST121/MS221 ones. Though it was quite hard to write the answers up, I was pretty confident that I’d got the ‘point’ of every question, but actually trying to put that down on paper in rigourous mathematical way wasn’t always easy. In particular proving that C\subset B. I’m hoping this is just lack of practice, and from working through the Group Theory section there are lots more examples of the correct way to approach things. And our tutor’s showing us some ways of doing it as well, so that should help out.

Thre proof by induction question was reasonably simple once you’d spotted the trick to normalise everything. And I did like  the contraposition question as well.

I’m not sure if I got the equivalence class bit right. I though I’d got it the right way round, but after last weeks tutorial I’m not so sure, but I couldn’t see what else it could be given the relationship.

Hopefully feedback will come through pretty quickly.

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