M208 TMA01 back

Got the full marked copy of M208 TMA01 back in the post over the weeked. Very happy with the mark. Just dropped a few little bits and pieces with silly mistakes. Forgetting to use a dotted line for parts of A- B being one of the more silly.

And it looks like I did get the idea of equivalence set rights and under the equivalence relationshop:
z_1 \sim z_2 \mbox{ if } Re\ z_1=Re\ z_2
then the equivalence set for 2+3i is:
[\![ 2+3i ]\!]=\{z\in\mathbb{C}: Re\ z=2\}

Finally finished working through the Group Theory books. Takes a lot of time as there’s pleny of examples to crank through. Though building some dirty Excel hacks to generate a lot of the groups of forms G=(\mathbb{Z}_n,+_n) and G=(\mathbb{Z}_n^*,\times_n) helped speed things up. There’s also a lot of proofs to work through and follow, but they have helped in working out how to write my own for the TMAs so not really wasted any time.

Going to start work on TMA02 this week, and hopefully get it finished so I can move onto the Linear Algebra section

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