Roses to Wrags 200km audax 19/03/2011

Well that was good fun. And in glorious weather as well, I’ve actually got tan lines!!

Bit nippy leaving the house first thing, but a sprint to the station sorted that out. As did the sprint down the platform to get to the train, luckily the guard saw me and held off waving it off or I’d have been sprinting to Alfreton on the bike.

Fair sized field started off at 7:30 and fair filled the roads on the way out of Alfreton. Some shocking driving on the A61 on the way out, with some drivers coming down the hatched section at excessive speeds having not noticed the right turning cyclists.

First section ran out to Rosie’s Cafe near Gainsborough. Resonably lump till we got to Bothamsall, but then pretty flat. Seemed to fall in with a speedy group and made good time here, stamped at control 5 minutes after it opened. A couple of fried egg cobs and a mug of tea set me up for the next section to Wragby. Fell in with the same group again and kept up the pace. Some nice rustic roads on this section with plenty to see. Decent prawn mayo sandwich at the pub in Wragby, and then we started the long drag into the wind to Newark.

Very nearly soiled my chamois at one point as the front wheel washed out on a corner, luckily the grass wasn’t to steep or hiding a ditch so I could ride it out. After the Info at Colesby I did all the way into Newark on my todd. God, the wind made it hard work. And with an attack of hot foot as well I wasn’t a happy camper coming into Newark. More cake and coffee at Gannets sorted that though. Now all that was left was the uphill slog back through Southwell to Alfreton. Slight attack of cramp just after crossing the A614, and a quick stop outside of Kirby-in-Ashfield to put on the Hi Viz and I rolled in for just over 10 hours.

Slightly less pain in my shoulders compared to the 100km the week before, so trying to move around more seemed to help. Definitely ate/drank more as well, which also helped. Foot pain did disappear, but I might look at insoles for next time.

New Garmin toy seemed to work ok. Everything recorded when I remembered to turn it on. Navigation seemed to get confused and wanted me to do a complete circuit before giving me instruction 2, but I could use the mapping screen to navigate anyway. Cheap ebay USB AA charger seemed to keep it topped up ok as well, though I may try to go for a nice mounting option than taping it to the cross tube.

Sat at work wasting time while extending a cluster so I’ve been busy plotting out the “everyone rides to Skegness” 300km and “Moors And Wolds” 400km. Think the bugs taking.

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