Nottingham Stout and Porter stroll 2011

So I managed to make it round a few pubs at various times to sample the black delights on offer this march.

There was a particularly boozy night in the Salutation after a ghost walk,where I made the most of Black Pearl and ‘A drop of the black stuff’.

A mighty fine pint of Harviestoun‘s “Engine Oil” at the Newshouse really hit the spot after Peroni at an Italian meal.

And then we decided to do a little crawl one Monday night, though this year making sure to stick to halves.

Started off at the Hand and Heart on Derby Road. Bar staff didn’t seem to really know what was actually on the S+P stroll, so I took the Burton Bridge Damson porter for a spin while waiting for company, and googling the other possibilities on my phone. Damson Porter’s always a nice pint, but is quite ‘regular’ around nottingham. So was quite happy to move onto Croots “Cow Juice” milk stout next. Very nice creamy half that one.

Looking at the list we realised we’d not been to the Ropewalk before so wandered up Derby Road to try it out. Wish we hadn’t. Asked the bar staff what was on the S+P trail and got handed a half of Doom Bar (amber ale), which hadn’t been particularly well looked after. That and the smell/state in the gents meant we didn’t hang around too long.

Quality was restored at the reliable Roundhouse (which we’d only discovered on last years S+P) with a great pint of Smoked Porter (forgot to note brewer, d’oh). Stopped for some food here as well

Suitably fortified we wandered down to the Canalhouse where we tried the College Green Brewery’s “Molly’s Chocolate Stout”. Good solid stout, though not as chocolately as some of the competition, though that could be a jaded pallet at work.

Quick wander down to the Newshouse, which unfortunately had moved on from the Engine Oil and onto Grantham Stout. A nice smooth stout, with all the right points, but a little ordinary.

Final stop of the evening was the Keans Head. Had noticed the week before that their bottled beer selection included Brewdog’s Paradox which I’d tried at the Nottingham Beer festival but had to discard as it was a little too hardcore for the middle of beer festival session, which we’d planned to split. Unfortunately they didn’t actually have any in :(. So I finished off with a pint of their usual Oyster Stout.

So the standout for this year was the Engine Oil with the Cow juice coming a good second. Unfortunately didn’t discover a new hidden gem of a pub this year, but nice to see that the good ones are still going strong.

Now to wait for the Milds to roll in in May.

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