Pennies per kilometre

Well that was nice and cheap. Just entered another 1100km of audaxes for the princely total of £25, that’s 2.27p per kilometre which seems like a bargain to me.

For the record I’ve entered:

And of those it”s the last one that’s the most scary. That’s a lot of climbing (3750m at least) and as it’s across the Peak District to Macclesfield and back it’s likely to come in big chunks rather than slowly, gulp. The longer distances are something to think about, but I reckon they’re doable if I just watch the pace carefully, and make sure to stop to rest and eat properly.

Though the overnight on the 400km is also a worry, need to think about lighting for that. A hub dynamo would be the gold solution, but at abut >£200 it’s a little excessive at the moment. But I need to get that sorted if I’m going to do a 600. Already thinking of a couple of DIY ideas, one involves riding between 2 family members front doors (~620km) or riding from home to holyhead and then back via Hereford (~630km)

I’ve seen some people say that the ‘archaic’ method of entering Audaxes puts them off, but I quite like the process of filling everything in and stuffing the envelopes. The only thing I think I may do to speed things up is to print off some address labels for myself as my handwriting is awful and it’s even worse when I’ve on autopilot by SAE 6 or more. And it’s nice to have to commit early as well. Looked at 2 more events but as they’re online entry I’ve decided to wait and see how I feel closer to the date.

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