Successful route on Garmin Edge 800 with Open Street Maps

woohoo, finally rode a 95% successful route following the Edge 800’s navigation using Open Street Maps last night.

why 95%? Firstly OSM is using some little cycle tracks that I normally wouldn’t and it’s not always clear so on 2 occasions I blithely cycled past thinking it wanted a proper road slightly further on, cue back tracking. The other error was a road that’s no longer there (Knoulton lane no longer offers access to the A46 or Station Road from Kinoulton as it’s been removed between where it used to meet the A46 and A606), so I’ve editted it as removed/not-permitted on OSM so we’ll have to see how quickly it updates the maps.

Getting the OSM maps onto the device was the easiest part of the operation. I downloaded the pre prepared map files from Talky Toaster, unzipped them and placed the .IMG file in the Garmin folder on the SD card in my 800 alongside the City maps. Then restarted my Edge 800 and they showed up ready to be enabled in the System settings menu.

Now to plotting the route in Mapsource. I followed the instructions on TalkyToaster to get the OSM maps into MapSource, which was pretty simple. I laid the route out loosely with about 10 waypoints and then went in to manually reroute the route around some of OSM’s ‘oddities’ then sent it to the Edge.

The main changes I made to the Edge last night before heading out was to disable autorouting and also to ensure that only the OSM map was enabled in the system menu.

All of that seemed to work brilliantly. The Edge wasn’t constantly trying to reroute me and consistently prompted me 200m before any of the turns. Which is a huge improvement over the last couple of attempts.

The next tricks will be to work with longer Audax type routes, routes from gpx imports and also get to grips with Open Street Maps idiosyncratic cycle routing ideas

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