Everybody rides to skegness – Prep

(Update 11/4/2011 – I’ve seen on YACF that there’s been some route changes for this year (2011), I’ve not had the new routesheet through yet, so please don’t rely on this on Saturday)

Starting to get longer now. 300km seems a lot longer than 200km looked from 100km for some reason. Less than 2 weeks to go for this one. The organiser’s confirmed place via e-mail, but is just waiting for a last minute route check before posting out the route sheets, but in an effort to be organised I’ve worked this out from last years route sheet (here) and come up with this:

which appears to be the right distance and end up in the right spots for controls. Next step is going to be cutting it into nice workable chunks for plugging into the Garmin Edge. And from some initial playing it looks like difference sections will have to be on different maps, some places Open Street maps appears to have better coverage, and in other Garmins City Navigator wins out. But the good news is once I’ve got a proper track I can go back and edit OSM for future usage.

Other than the route I’ve been thinking about what to take with me. Weather’s still going to be a bit variable at that time so wondering if i can get away with short clothing and leg/arm warmers? Have been trying out some new dhb shorts up to 80km and they seem good so far, but will they stand the distance? And going to have to make more of an effort to eat on the move as well, so this weeks rides will include practicing to eat malt loaf taken from a jersey pocket whilst on the move

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