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One thing that has bugged me on the OU Maths courses has been a reliance on the Audio CDs. The DVDs seem to only be used to give a different view point to the books, and don’t really need to be watched (I’ve managed without anyway). But the Audio CDs appear to be almost compulsory, especially for M208. As someone who studies whenever they get a chance and in various locations I always let out a groan as I turn the page and suddenly find that there’s a couple of pages of ‘Audio material’ required. There are pretty sketch panels to follow, but don’t make that much sense (and, as an aside, make it really hard to read the PDF version of the materials as the orientation of the page changes).

Of course I’ve ripped the CDs and added them to the iPhone (hint to OU; could you please put the track listings on CDDB or iTunes please to make it less of a chore? I’ve put my attempts up there, so it may now be marginally easier). But again, I quite often want music to drown out the train carriage or library noise in the background rather than listening to a lecture.

So I wondered how would a deaf student cope. Which meant I discovered that hidden away in the course materials section of the module website are PDF Transcripts of all the audio CDs used in the module. Bonus. So that’s another set of PDFs downloaded so I can study anywhere.

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