Runkeeper Pro – an update

After having got the iPhone 4 I thought I’d give Runkeeper Pro another go after having got fed up with it previously. Also given that my old Forerunner 301 is pretty much dead (knackered USB port) and I’ve bought the Edge 800 for the bike I thought I’d better find a decent way of tracking runs and running pace that wasn’t going to cost too much more

Not really played with any of the new features yet. But it’s a lot better on the iPhone 4 than it ever was on the 3G. Most of this is probably down to the improved GPS reciever in the 4 which improves all the GPS apps on the phone. There also seems to be less insanity in the tracking, though wether this is down to the GPS reciever or better error checking in the app is unknown.

So far the only extra feature I’d like is a simple method to connect the data to my dailymile profile where I pull everything together.

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