m208 TMA02 returned

Got back from the audax on Saturday to find the familiar OU envelope waiting at home. This TMA hasn’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped. Still a decent mark, but I’m going to have to pull my socks up if I want to guarentee a decent overall mark.

Question 1 was marred by some silly mistakes

Question 2 went reasonably well. Just got confused with the labelling on my symmetrys which meant my cayley table didn’t quite match up with the previous statements. Think I’d spotted early on that S(F) was isomorphic to S(\square) and just blithely copied the details across.

Question 3 wasn’t too bad. Though I just couldn’t see the subgroups in the last section

Question 4 got the original conjugation wrong, which meant all the rest were wrong, though at least I got a note that the method was right

Question 5 was the best of the TMA. Apart from some confusion between my left and right.

So not a brilliant result overall. Hpefully TMA03 will pick things up a bit, enjoying the material so far, though the matrix and simultaneous equation stuff does appear to be another lot of hand cranking.

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